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Running Ignition on Panelview Plus 6 update

In my post entitled "Ignition runs of Panelview Plus 6", I stated that "One good thing is that the logic modules are separable from the screen unit and you can upgrade your logic modules using the Rockwell Step Forward program."

As it turn out there are some exceptions. According to the Rockwell KB, the following display modules have 5-wire touch screens, and therefore will not work with the newer Panelview Plus 6 logic module:

2711P-RDB7C / Series A, all revs
2711P-RDT12C / Series A, all revs
2711P-RDB12C / Series A, all revs, Series B Rev A

The newer units use a more robust 8-wire touch screen. I would recommend that you verify your own display module's compatibility with the newer logic module (through Rockwell) before deciding on a course of action.

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