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Hello, my name is Steve Hechtman and I am president of Inductive Automation. During the span of one day there is more excitement, more discovery than I can possibly keep to myself. This blog is, therefore, my outlet. WARNING: This site is highly biased in favor of the most powerful, affordable manufacturing software in the world - Ignition by Inductive Automation!

Why Ignition Offers the Best Mobile HMI / SCADA Capabilities

The Ignition Mobile Module will be released January 25! It can run on any modern mobile device including iPhone, iPad, iPod, Blackberry 6 or any Andriod-based device such as the Droid, DroidX or the HTC smartphone. Ignition Mobile is based on the HTML5 canvas element. It doesn't require the JRE or any sort of plug-in at all.

The finished product makes it look so simple, yet what we've done behind the scenes is unprecedented. Just look at the criteria we used in the development of this mighty module!

1. Must be able to run on any modern mobile device.
2. Must not require a plug-in.
3. Must be able to reuse existing applications.
4. Must not require duplicate mobile app development.
5. Must support zoom and pan.
6. Must be based on open standards.
7. Must be based on technology that holds the best promise for longevity.
8. Must be secure.
9. Must be simple to install module with near-zero configuration.

We've delivered on every point. Interestingly, we can't find another mobile package anywhere that does. And as always, with Inductive Automation software, you can launch unlimited free clients (limited only by your server capacity – not by licensing).

On January 25 you will be able to download it from our site and try it for yourself. You won't even have to give us your name (unless you want to).


Stev said...

Any plans for Windows Phone 7?

Steve said...

Windows 7 will only work if it supports the HTML5 canvas component which we have heard they won't be doing (yet). There's more info on that located at this URL ... 5-not-yet/

Unknown said...

What about Blackberry?

Steve said...

Should work. We originally said yes because Blackberry 6 supports HTML5. But when we tested using the Blackberry 6 simulator it didn't work so we had to retract. But now we're getting reports that it actually does work on Blackberry 6 so it must just be the simulator. The defining criteria is, does the device support the HTML5 canvas component.