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Object-Oriented SCADA in Ignition v7.4

Object-oriented SCADA speeds development and increases maintainability since screen objects can be derived from templates. If changes are made to the template, those changes propagate down to each derived object so objects don't need to be dealt with individually. That could save a ton of work and rework. This is on the visual layer.

Parallel to this is the data layer. The data layer consists of user defined data types, which are referred to as UDDTs or UDTs. Tag database instances of UDDTs, when combined with screen object instances, take development speed to a whole new level. In fact, productivity could be increased 10- to 100-times when compared to systems without object-oriented capability.

Ignition 7.4 will feature object-oriented capability both for screen objects and UDDTs. We may not be the first to implement this, but we will be the best. We learn from other people's mistakes. When we first mentioned we were developing this at one of our training classes, about half the class winced and told us to be very, very careful about implementing it. They told us horror stories about other packages that were really complicated and buggy.

You'll have wait to see it at our 7.4 release (in February), but we've made it ridiculously simple to use and we've included productivity enhancements no one else has. Project development will now be faster in Ignition than in any other SCADA software.

The case for using Ignition on a competitive basis is now a "no-brainer." Look at the following facts:

1) Lower cost pricing model because its sold by the server, not by seat, tag, designer, screen, etc.

2) Installs hassle-free on any OS, including any newer version of Windows.

3) Installs in just minutes.

4) Super fast development.

5) Lightning fast, hassle-free and secure client deployment on any PC or mobile device.

All these are competitive factors. They have to do with winning projects and making them profitable. Now with object-oriented capability in 7.4, all vectors align to provide unbelievable, competitive firepower to those quoting Ignition. Who ya gonna call?

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