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OPC-UA development from the spec

It's amazing what you can accomplish when you abandon preconceived notions. This weekend I toured the SS Red Oak Victory in the old Richmond naval yards (in Richmond, Calif.). The shipyards there were built in WWII. Kaiser built Shipyard #1 in 55 days! But what was even more amazing is that they built ships like the SS Red Oak Victory in something like five days. Can you imagine how long either of these feats would take today?

Well, I think our developers are equally amazing as the builders of these ships and shipyards. They went along blissfully developing the worlds first Java OPC-UA server (and client) directly from the spec and didn't think anything about it. You know, normal day. They didn't know that they were the first. And they also didn't know that it was such a big deal to have written it from the spec. They went to an InterOP conference and found out that no one else had and some folks there were sort of drop-jawed.

Well, that's what really gets me excited around here. We get an idea of what we want to do, and then we do it. No one ever says "that's impossible" or whines "that's hard." If it makes sense we just do it. And believe me there is nothing helter-skelter going on around here either. We look WAY into the future and everything we do aligns. We very carefully study the technology trends and we always plan accordingly. Very soon we'll have another often-requested module that I would classify as nothing short of amazing – of course! And as always, it will be based on open standards. Stay tuned and I'll release details as soon as I can.

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