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Python - The Cartoon

For those of you who missed Carl's comment of October 13th here is a comic strip that he referred to. Apparently, my reaction to Python is pretty universal (you can read about my reaction in my post of October 13th).

Here's the thing, in any language the most tedious part is likely to be the GUI programming. But when you program Python in Ignition all the heavy lifting is done for you because Ignition makes GUI development a snap. It also handles deployment, security, authentication, database connections and data caching, single file backup, PLC connectivity and I could go on for paragraphs. So with your scripts all you have to concentrate on is the immediate specialized task at hand. That makes development fast. Really fast.

But more than that, it makes development fun. Nothing like the grueling days of VBA (which by the way is obsolete, is filled with security holes, and is an ugly language).

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Nathan Boeger said...

Where's the nostalgic love? VBA used to be the only way to hack things together back in the day.