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What is Inductive Automation's Market Share?

Funny question... one of our sales team got asked that question today so I had to get up and give a lecture about it. My immediate response was, "market share of what?" We're talking apples and oranges here.

Look at it this way. $20,000 might buy you a real nice SCADA client, a developer seat and a historian with support for 5,000 tags. And at the end of the day, no matter how you look at it, that's all you have.

But what about Inductive Automation? $9500 buys a SCADA server that can support 200 clients, 10 developer seats, a historian with support for 50,000 tags, plus support for fifty or more simultaneous projects (actually each are arbitrary quantities because the truth is, it's limited only by hardware).

Okay, so if you had to buy the other guys' equivalent of that, how much would it cost? I computed it using one company's recent prices and came up with about $1.3 million.

So you have to normalize for that. What is the equivalent value in terms of the other guys' prices that we deliver with even a single Ignition server? When you consider we have thousands of installations (in over fifty countries), what is our market share?

To be fair, not every Ignition Server is going to deploy 200 clients. But the point is, they could. And that is why you can't really compare market share. The value delivered by a single Ignition server is determined by the size of the deployment. The bigger the deployment, the greater the value delivered in terms of the other guys prices.

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Gilad Langer said...


I enjoy reading your blog and I find your company very interesting. It is always nice to see something new in our sometimes "legacy" bound industry.

- Gilad