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Big Software Company Mentality

There are big software companies with a small company mentality, and that's a good thing.  And then there are small software companies with a big company mentality, and that's a bad thing.  And then there are big software companies with a big company mentality and that is a very bad thing.  

How do I define the big company mentality?  Arrogant.  Ignorant.  Happy to go on being that way.  

Have you ever visited a site and come away wondering "what the heck do they make?"  It uses nothing but stock photography.  It communicates in vast generalities, promises the sun, but answers nothing.  You're wondering "but what does it do," "what does it look like," "how much does it cost," and  "where can I download it so I can try it?"  Instead you're greeted with a form to fill out.  I don't think so... next site.

Contrast that with the small company mentality (whether the company is large or small) where the site says what it is, shows what it looks like, tells how much it costs and let's you download a free trial today without even identifying yourself.  Nothing to hide.  If you like it, give us a call.  Or just buy it on our site.  

How does the big company mentality survive?  They survive by having a big name (earned from a former time when they had a small company mentality), by customer lock-in (since the cost of labor to change is higher than the cost of the software itself) and by inertia (which should never be underestimated).  

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